MANDRAGOROUS is a self-managed accessories and apparel brand based in Santiago, Chile. The creative team of the brand consists solely of the independent self-taught designer Mandragora Officinarum. The brand was founded in 2018, and has been constantly evolving leaving a Virtual Legacy at Instagram . His work is known for an aesthetic approach that is out of the ordinary and moves away from classic S&M themes. With a wide range of designs, accessories accentuate the personal style of the people who wear them. Since the beginning, the brand has expanded producing a complete line of chokers in various materials and colors, as well as collections of elegant harnesses, masks, bralettes and even handbags. Its accessories have been used by various artists on the national and international scene such as Lizzlov3, Ms Nina, Princesa Alba, among others ... The next step for MANDRAGOROUS is to implement new apparel technologies that take the apparel design scene to the next level and expand to new horizons.