Where is your store?

Santiago, Chile. My physical store is closed due to the COVID-19 contingency.

How do I contact you?

Please write me to my instagram or send me an email directly to sales@mandragorous.com. I usually reply to messages quickly, if you have a problem and I didn't reply, please try to contact me again. Thank you!

Shipments / Withdrawals

All shipments are made by Starken. At the time of purchase you must provide me with the following information: NAME AND SURNAME, RUT, HOME ADDRESS and TELEPHONE. It is very important that you send me all this information correctly. I am not responsible for shipments with misspelled data. If you need a shipment to a Starken agency, indicate it in the shipment notes and write the address and / or name of the agency in the corresponding field.

When the shipment is confirmed, I will provide you with the corresponding tracking number within the next 24 hours. This number and your card are necessary to make the withdrawal at the Starken agency, if you do not carry one of them you will not be able to withdraw your order.


 Shipments to some agencies are disabled, please check if your local branch is enabled to receive parcels. Some branches are closed or are not doing home delivery. Orders that cannot be shipped will be held until they can be shipped. There are also places where Starken does not accept orders to pay! If this is the case, I will contact you via WhatsApp.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

All accessories are made by me exclusively. I currently live in a commune that is in quarantine, so I have 2 weekly exit permits. I make shipments every Friday, Starken agencies are open until 2:15 p.m., so sometimes I can't make all the shipments. It may take 1-2 weeks for me to ship. Please consider this before placing an order. On special dates I can take a little longer! I am constantly updating on the status of the orders. Keep an eye to your email. I do not accept orders that require a delivery time of less than 1 week, please consider this before purchasing. Since the dispatch is done, your order may take up to 1 to 7 business days to arrive, depending on the area where you live.

International shipping may take up to 2 months depending on the area where you live. 

Do you make custom orders?

Yes. When you buy a custom accessory, you can choose the color and size of your order. If you feel like you want something more personalized contact me by email or Instagram to see the details. You can see the ways to personalize your order in this dedicated section on the webpage. Due to the nature of my work, I do not accept returns for custom orders that I have already started designing. Please consider it before paying.

How do I choose the color of my accessory?

The PVC (vinyl) that I use to design my products is experimentally hand-dyed. I can dye the vinyl in any color, however sometimes more or less intense tones can result. You can also choose a special shade such as fluorescent green, iridescent colors, metallic, etc. For the bralette or harnesses you can also order an ombré effect (gradient). If you are not sure how to choose the color, please contact me on instagram.

I am currently working with stock. Accessories are available in various colors by design. I'm only making 1 or 2 pieces per design at a time, in different colors, which are listed as separate products, eg: classic choker (black) / classic choker (pink).

Important: The black and red color in PVC are opaque (non-transparent). The other PVC colors are all semi-transparent. There is also the semi-transparent red PVC.

You can see all available colors in this section dedicated to customization (only when custom orders are available).


Taking measurements

For any measurement it is important that you place yourself in a normal position and do not strain the part of the body that you are measuring. Use a tape measure that is not worn or broken, this could adulterate the measurement. The measurements that I need will always be fair, that is, attached to the part that you are measuring.


To measure the neck measure the contour of the base of the neck (where you would normally wear the choker). Do not add an extra cm, the necklaces I make are always adjustable between 6-8 cm from the measurement you give me. For example, if your neck measures 35 cm I make it adjustable between 32 to 40 cm.


The best way to find out what the right bralette size is is to try on a real bra. Choose a bra that best suits your bust. With that in mind, this is how measurements are calculated:

- Under bust: Measure the contour just below the bust, in the area of the ribs passing through the back, make sure that the band is straight, that you are not inflating the chest and that you are with your arms down.

- Bust: Using a bra without padding, measure the contour just in the most pronounced part of your bust passing through the back.

- Distance from neck to underbust: Measure from where you would normally wear a choker to just below the bust, between both breasts (there is a groove right in that part).


Measure the thinnest area of your stomach (usually 2 to 7 cm above the navel). Keep the tape a little loose, but don't inhale to get the smallest measurement possible.


There are two hip measurements, high hip and low hip. The high hip is where the pelvic bone is. Measure this area passing through the back and write down the measurement. The lower hip is the widest part of your body, just by the most pronounced part of the buttocks. Record this measurement and average it with your hips high. This is your average hip measurement.

How do I care for my MANDRAGOROUS accessories?

Vinyl or PVC:

Vinyl is a material that requires constant care. It has a tendency to get dirty over time. To prevent this from happening, please clean the vinyl after each use.

Use a cloth (with alcohol or glass cleaner) and gently wipe the vinyl surface. This will prevent oils that are naturally found in our skin, dust or lotions from damaging vinyl and metals.

Avoid direct sun or heat sources when storing your vinyl products. Store them in a cool, dark place. The harnesses can be stored on a hook covered with a cover.

Important: Since many products are hand-dyed, the colors of one product can transfer to another if you leave them together. Ex: if you leave a black accessory on top of a transparent one, the transparent color can be stained with black. This happens only with PVC (vinyl or patent leather). Please keep your vinyl accessories separate from other colors to prevent them from transferring. A good idea is to store them in cloth bags or hang them separately from each other.

Never soak any product in water. If this occurs, please make sure to dry it thoroughly with a dry cloth immediately.

If your vinyl accessory is bent or warped, you can use a hair dryer or the stove to reshape it. Keep the heat source 12 inches away from the vinyl for 1 to 2 minutes so that it becomes pliable and returns to its original shape.

Replacements / repairs

Some products and their parts are fragile. Please be careful when using them.

If you want to request a replacement for any part of your accessory (tips, rivets, etc.) please contact me immediately.

Many of my accessories have screw-on parts. Please check them before and after use to prevent parts from loosening and getting lost. If your order arrived broken or a part is missing (buckles, rivets, tips, etc.) please contact me immediately. In this case you would need to send me your order back to repair it. I do not charge for repairing faulty accessories, but if your order was more than 2 months ago you will have to pay the shipping cost. Keep in mind that each piece is cut and assembled by hand, I try to make each of them as perfect as possible.

Any questions, contact me by mail or Instagram.



If your order arrived broken or a part is missing, you can request a repair or replacement of your parts. I make custom accessories with the information that you provide me at the time of ordering. Make sure you send the correct measurements to avoid problems. All MANDRAGOROUS accessories are adjustable to the body and its changes and fluctuations. If you did not like it or it did not fit you, you can contact me so that we can see a solution.

If your order was lost or did not arrive, contact me for a refund.

Important information

* Please provide all the necessary information correctly to process your order expeditiously. Any questions regarding the color or how to take a measurement, contact me by mail or Instagram.

* Some metals contain nickel. People with sensitive skin may be allergic to nickel, if you know or suspect that you are allergic, refrain from wearing costume jewelry or nickel-plated metals. Some of our accessories are completely made of surgical steel, see the description of each product for more details.

* Some products have bolt-on parts that could come loose with use / rubbing. Make sure they are secure before and after using your accessories to prevent them from getting lost.

* The golden rules to take care of your accessories: Never get them wet, clean them after each use and do not leave them exposed to direct sun!